Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Tips that Help In Cost Effective Shipping of Products

According to Inc. magazine, “Choosing your company’s method of transportation is extremely important. The right mode of transport can lead to quick and efficient shipping and delivering, and happy customers, to boot; conversely, the wrong mode of transportation can be extremely costly and damaging.

If cost effective shipping is the crucial requirement of your small business, there are some ways by which you can ensure optimum safety of your package while spending less money and time.

The automation

There are numerous advantages of automation of system when it comes to printing shipping information. The automation of system allows you to get the customer and shipping information printed on all of the related forms without replicating your efforts again and again. Hence, you will be sure that printing of information isn’t missed on any of the related form. Hence, you will be able to use your manpower for other tasks and you will be able to save a lot of money too. The automation of system will allow you to manage costs of labor, shipping processing and the use of shipping supplies.

Choose ground service when appropriate

When you need to deliver your package to the customer in a rush, you definitely need to pick air transportation service. However, delivering the product in that quick manner is not the need of the hour. If you are able to identify the practical difference between both of these scenarios, you can actually save a lot of money. If a customer doesn’t need the product urgently, you can opt for ground service rather than going for the costly air service. Ground service is the better choice for the shipments that need to reach a destination at a distance of 500 – 750 miles. Dispatching products at these destinations using ground service wouldn’t only cost less but the products may get delivered in even shorter time as compared to the time taken by air service.

The flat rates

Flat rates can turn out to be a cost effective option if you are going to send the heavy items. However, the same flat rate for a lightweight package is an absolute disaster for your profitability. Going for the flat rates might be beneficial for medium-weight items, even if it still looks as a costly option. The reason is that it will be of your and your shipper’s utmost convenience while dealing with the package of this weight. And, you will be able to cut the cost of processing at your end and that of the carrier.

Shipping abroad
While shipping on a nationwide scale is simple and convenient, it is equally complicated and difficult when it comes to shipping products across a continent or to a country located afar. There is a lot of tagging and labeling required for the package before it is shipped to the other country. Furthermore, there are additional charges, taxes and insurance required in this regard. The best option here is to let the customer pick the shipping method. You can list down the shipping options along with the shipping charges. Then it will be up to the customer what to go for.


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